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Spay Neuter Initiative Partners of Zion UCC
437 First Street (in the Annex), Henderson, KY  42420


Save your Sureway stamps and donate them to SNIPZ.  SNIPZ is currently collecting Sureway stamps as a fundraiser.  You may drop them by the SNIPZ  facility located in the Annex of Zion UCC, 437 First Street, Henderson, KY.  You may also drop them in the mail to this address.  We greatly appreciate your support of this fundraiser. 

SNIPZ is in the process of a dry cat food drive. We're asking for donations to help feed "feral cat colonies" that local citizens have taken upon themselves to feed at their own expense.

SNIPZ has a NEW email address!!! SNIPZHenderson@gmail.com

To pre-register your pet for our NEXT clinic, please call (270) 212-9025. We're sorry, but we can not accept WALK-INS for registration on our sign-in dates.

CLICK HERE... to visit the SNIPZ Facebook page.


·        Each day 70,000 puppies and kittens are born in the U.S. As a comparison only 10,000 humans are born each day. 

·        The estimated number of feral, homeless or wild cats in the US 60 to 100 million. 

·        One female cat and her offspring can produce 420,000 cats in only 7 years. 
·        One female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 dogs in 6 years. 
·        6 to 8 million animals enter US shelter every year and 4 to 5 million of those are euthanized. Millions more are abandoned only to suffer injury, illness or starvation before dying. 

·        25 percent of all dogs entering shelters are purebred.

·        Neutered males are less likely to become aggressive. In fact, out of 10 reported dog bites are from un-neutered males.

·        Spayed/neutered pets live longer healthier lives. 
·        Spaying your female pet greatly reduces the risk of breast cancer, and completely eliminates the threat of uterine and ovarian cancer. They are less likely to develop urinary tract infections.

·        Neutering your male pets prevents testicular cancer and prostate problems and helps avoid perianal tumors.

·        Males neutered at a young age are far less likely to develop dominance or aggression-related behavior problems such as marking and aggression

Help control the pet population of Henderson County.

Have your pet spayed or neutered as a discounted cost. This is a not for profit ministry of Zion UCC.