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Zion UCC celebrated Pride Sunday.  There was music and special speakers together with the usual communion and fellowship meal!

The entire Zion UCC membership welcomes all of our neighbors and is dedicated to being an Open and Affirming Congregation!

Our colors were proudly displayed on our Communion Table as we celebrated our Pride this special Sunday!

The colors of the rainbow were represented by candles lit during the Litany of Freedom. See the "Litany of Freedom" readings by CLICKING HERE.

Zion Rising celebrated with special music and dancing to the "Lord of the Dance".

Our Fellowship Meal was prepared for all members and guests. The first Sunday of each month is celebrated with Communion and a meal where all are welcome to feast at the table.

The colors of the rainbow were displayed everywhere!

It tasted as good as it looked!

Our Pride Sunday was a celebration of Diversity... a witness to peace, justice and fairness for all races, genders and orientations. If you're looking for a church home that is Open and Welcoming to each and every unique family, join us for a Sunday morning!

Zion UCC has a long heritage of standing for Peace, Justice and individual Freedom. You can read more about this special call of our church in a paper written for a graduate level history class by David Lai while attending the University of Kentucky. The focus of his paper is the segregation struggles of the 1950's in which Zion UCC (then Zion Evangelical and Reformed Church) Pastor Theodore A. Braun played a prominent role. Read the full paper by CLICKING HERE.